I have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition & health and a master’s degree in medicinal biology and health promotion & health strategies.

I have been working with plant-based nutrition since I completed my education in 2017. My interest in plant-based eating stems from my passion for a diet and lifestyle-based approach to managing the major lifestyle-related diseases that plague the Western world. Personally, I have experienced significant improvements in my own health issues since I eliminated animal-based foods from my diet. I have previously worked in dietary counseling, recipe development for companies, and I have had my own food business that sold plant-based ready meals.

My primary role now is to be a stay-at-home mom. This will be reflected in many of my recipes, which will be well-suited for families with children, where the food needs to be easy to prepare in a busy everyday life without compromising on taste and nutritional value for all family members.

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