The princess is having a bad day. She is too exhausted to take the dragon for a walk. She asks the prince to change their child’s nappy, and she feels overwhelmed whenever someone wants something from her. She is not in the mood to play with the cat. The queen scolds her in front of the prince and the king. The king notices that she is completely out of her depth and gives her a hug, telling her that he loves her just the way she is.

"Once upon a time, there was an insightful man who had new and innovative ideas."

The notion of the big dream

I dream of a world where we all love ourselves first and where we love our neighbour as we love ourselves. In that order. A world where we have the tools we need for loving each other unconditionally and for loving our children the way they are, not just for their ability to fulfil our own and others’ needs at the cost of ignoring their own.

Table of Content

A world where love goes beyond being loved for the function we serve, what we do and what we may symbolize in a distorted reality where we are all preoccupied with how our defective and alienated live can be translated into perfect images in the social media.

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