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My Sustainable Transportation (TEST)

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards supporting local and organic agriculture. This trend has been fueled by increasing awareness of the...

Cheese and Health

In the Western world, cheese consumption is remarkably high. As of 2022, the average European consumed 21 kilograms (approximately 46.3 pounds) of cheese annually. Notably,...

How Ultra-Processed Foods Are “Designed” to Be Addictive

More than 2 billion people are now either overweight or obese. By 2035, this will apply to nearly half the world’s population. A global obesity...

Milk, Business, Health and Sustainability

An important prerequisite for you to be able to make free choices regarding your diet is that you can make informed decisions Humans are unique...

Is Soy Healthy Or Not – Myths Versus Facts

The soybean has historically been at the center of considerable confusion. The media and internet abound with myths and alarmist narratives surrounding soy products, creating...

How Ultra-Processed Foods Are “Designed” to Be Addictive

In this article, we take a closer look at the effects of ultra-processed foods on our health. We've chosen to label them ‘food products’ because...

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