P for Psychology

Everything begins with yourself - and thereby your personal development.

Most of us strive for happiness. To live a happy life demands amongst other things the right psychological tools and competencies that set us free and make us able to formulate our dreams and visions and, not at least, to transform them into actions and our wanted reality.

When we meet challenges, unforeseen outcomes or our environment isn’t satisfying, we need to ask ourselves: “What can I do?” “What is my share of the problem?” “How can I contribute?” We can’t rely on other people to solve our personal problems. We must do it ourselves. That demands skills. Skills that only a few of us have acquired from our upbringing.

This section of SHAPE is based on the books in the Create a Better world series written by Per. The series contains six books about Personal Leadership, Relations and Togetherness, Communication and Cooperation, Transformation, Communication, and Executive Presence, Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem Leadership, Loving Relationships and Sexuality. You will find easily accessible learning and exercises that help you develop your psychological skills. All The books in the Create a Better World series and the adventurous illustrations may appear simple and a bit childish, but they are built on knowledge and experience which has the potential to transform the lives of open minded people.

You can read the books and the chapters in any order, but in this context we suggest that you read and work with them in the following order: Book 1, 5, 6, 2, 3. Book 4 is especially for people who want to strengthen their ability to communicate professionally. If you take your time and put in the right amount of interest, reflection and honesty in your personal development you will increase your ability to live a happier, healthier and more sustainable life.

The articles and chapters in the upcoming book 7 – Reclaim Yourself – will gradually be presented here as Per writes them.

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