Per Roslind Leth-Nissen

Co-Founder, Author, Executive Coach, and
Exam. Psychotherapist

I am a Danish therapist, executive coach, and the founder of the company CXOPeople, which for many years has successfully worked to create personal change among leaders and employees in several of Denmark’s largest companies. My professional focus has primarily been within strategic development, inspirational leadership, communication and presentation, personal leadership, self-esteem, self-leadership, and organizational change processes.

With a creative background as a music producer for, among others, TV2, and as a film director with more than 25 short films and 300 corporate films, along with a professional education as an exam. Individual, couple, and group therapist from the Institute of Gestalt Analysis, as well as studies in architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and law at Aarhus University, I work on developing and unleashing the potentials that all people are born with but many may not always fully utilize. My belief in and experience with the idea that people’s perception of life and fundamental patterns can change in a more positive and inspiring direction, benefiting both themselves and their surroundings, has been my guiding principle for many years as a therapist and in my work with individuals at CXOPeople.

In 2006, I published the first volume of the trilogy “Making the World More Beautiful” – a trilogy that contains therapeutic ideas, adventures, and exercises to strengthen personal leadership, relationships, communication, and collaboration. Based on my extensive therapeutic work, the trilogy was revised in 2020 and followed by three new volumes. All six volumes have been translated into English and were published in 2020, offering an inspiring overview for an international audience of the diversity of ways in which personal leadership can be strengthened – for personal or therapeutic use.

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