E for Empowerment

Dear Reader,

What if I told you that small, personal changes could benefit your health, animal welfare, psychological well-being, and your ability to act? Would you seize the opportunity, or would you experience some resistance to the idea of change? If you feel the latter, it is perfectly normal; we all resist change to some degree.

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Start Small

The easiest way to start overcoming resistance to change is to start small. Instead of trying to change all your habits at once, begin with a small change. A report from the American Psychological Association recommends starting with small, manageable goals to build confidence and momentum.

Find Your Motivation

Finding your personal motivation to make these changes can help you overcome resistance. If your motivation is to improve your health, consider the long-term benefits such as a longer life with better quality. If it’s about sustainability, think about the positive footprint you’re leaving on our planet.

Get Others Involved

Getting others involved can help create a supportive atmosphere for change. According to a study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, social support can enhance success with health-related behavior changes. Try to find a friend or family member who also wants to make similar changes.

Our brains are wired to resist change. According to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, this is because change is often associated with uncertainty, which can cause stress. But what if I told you we could overcome this resistance and see the positive results we want?

Accept Resistance

Accept that resistance to change is part of the process. According to Dr. David Rock, a neuroscientist and author, acknowledging and accepting this resistance can be the first step in overcoming it.


Change can be scary, but it can also be rewarding. By starting small, finding your motivation, getting others involved, and accepting your resistance, you can start making positive changes for your health, sustainability, animal welfare, psychological well-being, and personal initiative.

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