Michael Hansen

SHAPEbook Manager & Advisor

In my view, Shape Your Future Life represents a constructive initiative based on scientific and evidence-based knowledge. It provides both inspiration and a tangible platform to change our way of living and our relationship with nature through an increased plant-based diet.

Shape Your Future Life is an opportunity to participate in a community where everyone can gain new knowledge and empowerment about sustainability, health, animal welfare, psychology, and plant-based food.

I am the moderator for SHAPEbook, and my vision is that SHAPEbook will become a valued community for all those seeking constructive and positive opportunities to change our current state in terms of the environment, food – in positive interaction with others.

For the past 23 years, I have been involved in volunteering within the social sector. My experience ranges from collaborating with nationwide organizations to local associations. Additionally, I have engaged as a volunteer in various capacities, including serving as the chairman of a local association and a national organization.

My strength lies in the ability to establish meaningful dialogue with others. I am skilled at bringing people together, which is crucial for the work that Shape Your Future Life has initiated. For me, it’s about creating coherence, dialogue, and concrete collective initiatives. The goal is to give nature the opportunity to recover on its own terms and remain the fundamental source of life for plants, animals, humans, and many others.

Beyond my professional role, I am a deeply committed nature and animal lover. I reside in a place where I often receive visits from storks, eagles, and other wildlife, which further fuels my passion for our natural world.

My interest in the environment and climate dates back to my high school days in 1973 when a visionary geography teacher introduced us to one of the first scientific books on our lifestyle and its consequences: “The Limits to Growth” (1972, Meadows, Randers, et al.). That book made a profound impact on me and has since been the source of my enduring interest in climate, the environment, and the impact of our lifestyle. The book remains relevant and thought-provoking to this day.

Let’s shape a brighter future together!

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