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Being a member of SHAPE Your Future Life offers you not only a host of personal benefits, but also the opportunity to contribute to the greater good. Our mission is to disseminate evidence-based knowledge to as many people as possible. By joining our community, you play a crucial role in supporting this process.

We provide accessible information aligned with recommendations from leading international organizations like the WHO, UN, and OECD, free of any financial interest in the knowledge we share.

Membership Benefits:

  • Test and Registration of Your Knowledge: As a member, you can utilize the tools on the right side of the website, where you can bookmark your favorite articles, mark articles as read, write notes, and take multiple-choice tests to consolidate your knowledge. When using our extensive recipe universe, you have the option to write notes for individual recipes and save any adjustments you wish to make.
  • Extensive Psychology Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of 6 books on personal development, including practical exercises. These invaluable resources will help you understand yourself better, enhance your emotional intelligence, and navigate life’s challenges more skillfully. As a member, you can record answers to chapter exercises, write notes, and take tests to ensure understanding. See yourself grow and develop personally as you benefit from our testing tools.
  • Culinary Delights: Dive into our entire recipe universe shared by our enthusiastic chefs! Explore a plethora of delicious plant-based recipes, save your favorites, and add personal notes for a truly tailored culinary experience.
  • Content Curation: Bookmark favorite articles and films for easy revisiting and sharing. Additionally, write notes for personal reference to ensure you capture everything.

Strengthening the Community: Access SHAPEbook, our vibrant social media platform. Connect with like-minded individuals, share culinary creations, tips, ideas, seek advice, and receive invaluable support towards a more plant-based diet and sustainable lifestyle.

Membership Benefits Coming Soon:

  • Meal Planning: Membership gives you the ability to create personalized meal plans tailored to your dietary preferences and nutritional needs. Say goodbye to stressful meal planning and hello to delicious, health-conscious choices.
  • Integration of SHAPE Weekly Meal Planner: Easily integrate links from our SHAPE Weekly meal planner into your meal plans, simplifying your plant-based journey.


By becoming a member of SHAPE Your Future Life, you enrich not only your own life but also contribute to a community dedicated to creating positive change and promoting a healthier, more sustainable world. Together, we can forge a brighter future for ourselves and the planet!


We hope you will support our vision of creating a better world.

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Anne & Per

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