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Congratulations! Your insight and your actions are the most powerful tools if you want to live a happy, healthy and sustainable life.

You have the power to shape your life and health through your diet and lifestyle choices. Whole-food plant-based diets have since the 1980s gained popularity due to their numerous health benefits. These diets are associated with a greater well-being and a lower risk of – and potentially the ability to reverse – chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Sadly, individuals who want to make healthy choices for themselves and their families are often faced with confusing and conflicting advice. This section of SHAPE presents you to the results of the latest in peer-reviewed health research. You will be able to make informed choices about your diet and your lifestyle and decide whether you want to make small or larger changes to maintain good health, promote longevity and live a more happy, healthy, and sustainable life. Each plant-based meal and even small changes can make a big difference. 

Most of us strive for a healthy life and longevity, but health issues such as chronic diseases are becoming more and more common. They are increasingly affecting all of us – young and old, rich and poor – leading to a shortening and a poor quality of our lives. Maintaining good health and promoting longevity involve taking care of your body and mind, and this can be achieved through a variety of means. A predominantly or fully whole-food plant-based diet that includes a variety of fruits, 

vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can provide the nutrients necessary for your body to thrive. A plant-based diet has the potential to promote and preserve weight loss. It is also favorable for the gut microbiota, which more recent research has shown to have a profound impact on our health. In addition, regular exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight, improve cardiovascular health, and boost your mood and mental health. Reducing stress, tobacco and alcohol and getting enough sleep are also important factors in achieving a happy, healthy and sustainable life.

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