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As a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration from France (Grenoble) and a Master’s degree in Business acquired in Germany (Diplom Betriebswirt – Albstadt Sigmaringen), I have devoted the majority of my career to holding managerial positions in the fields of management and sales within various international companies, operating in diverse sectors in Denmark.

My professional journey began in 1998 in the field of photovoltaic technology and later transitioned into sales and business. Throughout this period, I have consistently harbored an unwavering ambition, firmly convinced that success was inseparable from status and financial prosperity. However, over time, I gradually sensed a misalignment between my professional activities and my personal convictions. I became deeply committed to combating climate change and a societal system that was becoming increasingly detrimental, where our habits were largely dictated by profit-hungry multinational corporations, often at the expense of health, collective well-being, and environmental preservation.

It was in September 2016 that I made the decision to open the very first 100% organic and packaging-free store in Copenhagen (LØS Market in Copenhagen Vesterbro). My objective was to alter our consumption habits and contribute to guiding the urban community toward a more balanced dietary lifestyle, promoting local products, reducing meat consumption, and favoring a more plant-based diet, all while providing the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of citizens’ daily lives. This inaugural store was followed by additional openings in Nørrebro and Østerbro in 2019.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, which led to a significant rise in prices, our customer base dwindled considerably. Regrettably, consumers abandoned organic products in favor of conventional ones, with financial considerations taking precedence. Thus, it was with great sadness that I had to close LØS Market in December 2022, succumbing to the influence of the capitalist system.

Nonetheless, hope endures, and my commitment to a healthier, more fulfilling, and environmentally-respectful way of life remains steadfast. My encounter with Per and Anne Leth Nissen has reignited this hope, as their vision closely aligns with my own: to exert our collective efforts to steer away from our current trajectory and move toward a life imbued with happiness, balance, and harmony between humanity and nature.

My affiliation with SHAPE is an unequivocal commitment, as this community platform is founded on robust scientific principles, independent of studies often influenced by industrial lobbying. Our objective is what each of us aspires to achieve: liberating ourselves from the burdens of daily constraints and having a tangible tool to collectively change course. SHAPE is truly an agent of this transformation. I am deeply proud to be part of this team, and I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure that SHAPE thrives while respecting all forms of life, promoting a more enlightened and balanced humanity, both physically and mentally.

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