Fairy tales usually do not describe the time in between the wedding and ‘happily ever after’. Their focus is on
The Danish dictionary defines love as ‘an intense feeling of tenderness and devotion to a living being that one is
Love is an intense feeling of tenderness, devotion and selfless affection that liberates, connects and raises people up through truth,
Sexuality is ‘…a central aspect of being human throughout life encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure,
Truth - the content of a statement or an idea being in accordance with reality or the true nature of
Lies are statements that are not in accordance with the truth. White lies. Black lies. The responsibility for lying always
Expectation - a (conscious) image of some future event or development; what one expects of something or someone. In any
Did your partner choose you? Did you choose your partner? Did you both ŧruly choose each other? Was one of
A good relationship is driven by desire and self-motivation rather than habit and duty. If the contributions in the relationship
As human beings, we have an ability to understand, accept and embrace a diverse range of attitudes. This capacity is
Boundaries - limitations with regard to what is acceptable, normal or expectable. We all have boundaries, also in our relationship.
Whatever your current age, you have all your ages within you. From before you were born to your current age.
Respect - recognizing the value, status, importance, justification etc. of someone or something. Respect does not necessarily mean agreement; instead,
Fidelity - loyalty, reliability and devotion. Your thoughts are your own. You can think whatever you want without having to
Shame - unpleasant feeling of humiliation, guilt or embarrassment stemming from the awareness of having done something wrong or embarrassing.
Here is another topic you probably did not learn much about growing up. It can have a profoundly positive influence
If we are detached from ourselves and our desires, we become alienated. If we sexually identify with what others expect
Experience is knowledge or skills acquired through practice or studies. Events and experiences that leave an impression are part of
Sublimation - diverting energy from an instinctual (sexual) impulse into, for example, intellectual, artistic or religious activity We may choose
Pleasure - strong feeling of sensuous, bodily or mental well-being, joy and satisfaction. Pleasure. Feeling secure. Being able to fully

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