I dream of a world where we all love ourselves first and where we love our neighbour as we love
Self-esteem is founded in early childhood. It is built and shaped by external love, particularly from our parents and other
Scientific development unfolds through so-called revolutions, which occur when there is a build-up of anomalies - problems that cannot be
The condition for loving others is that we love ourselves. You build self-love - and, thus, self-esteem - by making
The notion of personal leadership, in all simplicity, hinges on whether you are the CEO of your own life, meaning
The core of the effort to build self-esteem is reflected in the seven steps of the self-esteem method. With the
The notion of rating If we think of our inner emotional life as a soup of different feelings that set
It is important to acknowledge and understand that some parts of your brain understand different issues than your body does.
Unconscious and imaginary phenomena remain just that, unless we examine and articulate what we discover by sensing and observing ourselves.
A specific need feels like an inner state of tension that continues to grow until it meets the right object
An object of need is the object that best meets your need and reduces your inner ŧension. If the need
A specific need feels like inner tension that continues to grow until it meets its right object of need -
When we put our desire for change into words, perhaps even rethinking our personal narrative - our own story about
It is important to understand that once we truly begin to love ourselves and take responsibility for building a foundation
Emotional intelligence refers to our ability to identify our own and others’ emotions. Classic intelligence tests measure purely cognitive skills.
Self-esteem leadership is practised through a series of specific competencies that build self-esteem. Self-esteem leaders help others build self-esteem, for
The self-esteem leader’s task is to inspire and encourage transformation; initiate engaging processes; generate insight into the value of the
It is important for self-esteem leaders to practise the content and exercises on self-esteem from the book’s Part 1 and
As self-esteem leaders we are aware of our significance and the methods for building self-esteem based on the self-esteem paradigm,
The ability to involve and engage others is crucial to any leader or parent. Engagement draws on the team’s full
Many of us have been trained to give feedback the same way we have received feedback all our lives -
The notion of freedom and community in relation to enhancing self-esteem and self-esteem leadership is based on the notion of

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