The fruits of wisdom are knowledge. Knowledge and experience spring from insight and empirical input. The notion of transformation is
Most of our CHARACTER, SUBSTANCE and STYLE relate to our self-esteem: our authenticity, integrity, nurture, humility, holding back, self-assurance, insight,
Integrity is a person’s ability and determination to act with independence, honesty and decency without irrelevant or inappropriate consideration for
Being or appearing to be authentic. Integrity is conditioned by self-esteem. Being authentic means being sincere and truthful in relation
Knowledge or understanding attained through studies, experiences or thinking. In its most sublime form, Executive Presence is the highest level
State free of worries, nervousness, stress and so forth; (feeling of) harmony or relaxation. Maybe it is the way you
Sympathetic attention or understanding. Synonymous with reverberation. The act of reinforcing or prolonging sound by the synchronous vibration of an
Notion or mental image of the future; the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.
Deliberate or targeted aim; the claim that we should judge the morality of an act on the intention, not the
Actively getting involved and taking on a cause. The action of engaging or being engaged in something. Engagement is essentially
Inclusion in a community or context. ‘There has to be room for everyone’ and ‘There’s always room for one more
Loving, caring or tender care or support. It is time to take on a taboo. Let us talk about what
Showing reverence, respect, submission, modesty or so similar. Humility requires insight and an understanding of life and human grandeur -
Being cautious and disinclined to act or to do more than what is strictly necessary. Being modest and reluctant to
Ability to conceive of new ideas and express them (in an imaginative or artistic manner). To illustrate this, I could
The exchange of information, messages and ideas between persons, animals or machines, particularly by means of formal notation systems or
Capacity for spoken or written self-expression that gives shape to a thought or an idea. Here is a poem I
Ability to convey knowledge or insights to an audience by acting as a mediator or a conduit. Natural-born speaker and
Ability to create, perform or perceive music; sometimes also used about other arts, for example literature. The best presentations have
The way someone acts. The way someone appears among others. The way someone looks. Behaviour, accessibility and looks. All these
The way someone acts. The way someone appears among others. The way someone looks. Behaviour, accessibility and looks. All these

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