To be able to love someone else, you have to love yourself. If your self-love is limited, your ability to
In our choice of partner, we will always, subconsciously, seek to recreate the original conditions of our childhood family context.
Egotism means self-love. An egotist is someone who has a high degree of self-love and self-absorption, while having an egotistical
The connection between tension and release of tension and the relation between needs and objects of need are described in
When we feel guilt, it is because an improper act or omission causes us to owe ourselves something: the acceptance
It is my conviction that human beings are not, inherently, lazy. People may need to loaf, but that is another
The only thing we can expect with any certainty is death. Everything else is uncertain. Expectations arise inside us constantly,
Every culture and every family has its own norms and statements that control and socialize the members. Our genetic make-up,
Contact is a connection between at least two poles - a sender and a receiver. Contact is experienced inside you
As human beings we all have a number of highly evolved defence mechanisms intended to protect us. Change - initiated
In order to ‘work it out’ we have to ‘go in’ - accessing the problem, the emotion or the consideration.
Alongside sexuality, jealousy is one of the most powerful and intense human emotions. When we are jealous, we come into
It should go without saying that all people are equals, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, titles, class, religion, impairments or
If we want a good life, we need to avoid compromise as much as possible. Every time we compromise on
We can view our age as the age we have right now. Or we can view our age as the
Do you love others more than you love yourself? That will set you up for unhealthy and unloving relationships. Not
A conflict triggers an emotional, physical and mental response in us. We get angry, irritated and distressed, our chest and
You are you, and I am me. Respect that, and every aspect of our relationship is going to be much
Unfulfilled wants/deficiency needs may manifest later in life as a feeling of insecurity or a desire to be with one’s
When we are engaged or allow ourselves to be engaged or engage in something or in each other, our contact,

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