Deep inside us lives something that feels true to each of us. The thing that drives us and lights our
It is helpful for any human being – and leaders in particular – to acknowledge that most of us are
An object of need is the object that best meets your needs and reduces your inner tension. As described in
Our self-esteem is our emotional foundation. An no building is stronger than its foundation. The difference between self-esteem and confidence
One of the qualities that separate human beings from animals is creativity. ­Creativity can be defined as the ability to
According to the Oxford Dictionaries, trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something.
Are you aware what your mission is? Have you formulated a mission that helps you define yourself as a person
A problem may be regarded as an indication that there is something we need to do. Or, conversely, something we
Within the school of therapy I was trained in, we say that the only person who can reject you –
Everything that we really want or desire, we also fear. Similarly, everything we fear, we also desire. I know this
‘You hurt me,’ I used to say about the feeling of sadness that filled me ­when­ever someone said or did
The feeling of loneliness arises when there is something inside you that you are separated from. That separation is what
In the emotional hierarchy, anger always covers up sorrow or sadness, which in turn covers up resignation. Effective therapeutic treatment
The need to be heard is just as important as other needs. It is a difficult need to fulfil, however,
Until they know better, people who have mainly been loved for what they do rather than for who they are
Inherently, we are all born leaders with a talent for leadership, albeit some are endowed with reater talent than others.
An important condition for becoming more knowledgeable is that we dare embrace and expose our ignorance. If we do not,
To be externally driven. To imitate others’ thinking and demeanour. The notion that the people we admire have the ‘right’
We all have a fundamental need to be seen, contained and accepted as we are. When that need is met,
All the external phenomena that surround us are represented inside us as objects. These objects may be things, concepts, words,

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