The author and the illustrator cannot figure out how to convey the notion of the paradoxical theory of change. They have no idea what to do, and the task has them completely stumped. In fact, they feel quite stupid and far from creative. Suddenly, the author has the inklings of an idea, which the illustrator seizes, and the problem is solved.

''Once upon a time, there were two men who were stuck until they went with the resistance and accepted what was.''

The notion of the paradoxical theory of change

As human beings we all have a number of highly evolved defence mechanisms intended to protect us. Change – initiated by ourselves or by others – activates our defences, which always strive to maintain the status quo. To achieve lasting change, we have to have emotional access to our inner core – the source of the problem. In a development process, the challenge is to move past the defences; otherwise, we can be our own worst enemy, as our defences work against us and throw up all sorts of resistance.

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