The young nobleman sees the beautiful maid come walking in, carrying a tray. The old stonemason, the wizard’s father, pinches her bottom, startling her so much that she drops the tray. The young nobleman from before is standing in the background, surrounded by interested women, while the jester juggles to entertain the fossilized old stonemason.

"Once upon a time, there was a man who was aware of the importance of sexuality."

The notion of sexuality

Sexuality is one of the strongest drivers for human beings to engage in interactions and cementing relations. It is therefore important to be aware of its significance for the things we do and are motivated by in life. 

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Sexuality is a goal in itself, as a way of fulfilling our sexual needs, as well as an important aspect of a close, intimate relationship. For many couples, sexuality also plays an important role in cementing the relationship. When sexuality does not function optimally or even to a satisfactory degree, the entire relationship is affected.

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