A man serenades a woman who is standing on a balcony. She opens the door to her house, and he gives her flowers. He reads her a poem and speaks to her heart. He sits with her on the sofa, and they hug.

"Once upon a time, there was a trusting and confident woman who was able to receive pleasure."

The notion of pleasure

Pleasure – strong feeling of sensuous, bodily or mental well-being, joy and satisfaction.

Pleasure. Feeling secure. Being able to fully trust another person. Being fully present in the moment. Being able to receive caresses without needing to deliver. Being able to sense and enjoy the present moment. All this takes a special effort and an emotional insight that not everybody has natural access to. Mastering the disciplines that promote a loving relationship and lead to good sex takes insight and experience. Above all, it requires us to be able to sense ourselves and to describe what we sense to ourselves and others, in an inner as well as an outer language.

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