The prince kisses the princess. He proposes to her. The wizard helps them solves their problems. They both do what is significant for building a good life together, and they live happily ever after.

"Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in accordance with his mission word."

The notion of personal leadership

The notion of personal leadership, in all simplicity, hinges on whether you are the CEO of your own life, meaning that you lead yourself based on your needs, values, mission, vision and what you dream of achieving on your own and in partnership with others. Many people have never really taken command of their own life.

When that is the case, we are controlled by other people and their needs or by chance rather than making deliberate decisions to navigate in life with the goal of maximizing quality of life for ourselves and the people around us. The first book in the series Create a Better World is dedicated to enhancing personal leadership and the factors that condition our ability to be fully present in our own lives. Here too, vitality, resilience and awareness attained through insight are crucial for our ability to be the CEO of our own lives. Self-esteem is the foundation of personal leadership. If you do not appreciate yourself, how can you and others possibly give you what you need? The path to enhancing your personal leadership and building greater self-esteem begins with a conscious decision. Awareness of the value of enhancing your personal leadership and self-esteem is achieved through reflection and insight.

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