The princess, the prince and a noblewoman are taking magic lessons from the wizard. The princess is trying to turn the cat into a goblet. She fails repeatedly. She persists and eventually succeeds. She overcomes the obstacles, while the others continue their attempts. A noblewoman gives up and walks out, while the princess and the prince both eventually succeed.

"Once upon a time, there was an insightful man who knew that when you really want something, you will find a way."

The notion of loving yourself

The condition for loving others is that we love ourselves. You build self-love – and, thus, self-esteem – by making sure your needs are fulfilled. As described in the book’s Part 2, other people can help you by providing learning and inspiration, but it is up to you to hold on to yourself and fulfil your needs. 

Table of Content

You have to complete the journey on your own. You cannot leave that part to anyone else. That is true now. Going forward. Always.

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