A young, well-educated king - with no leadership experience - is giving orders to four young soldiers. His orders are confusing and cause one soldier to knock another soldier out, while the third soldier bumps into the fourth. Over time, the young king seeks the counsel of the old king, the wizard and the queen mother. After extensive learning, the now mature king again gives orders to the soldiers, who have also matured in the meantime. The soldiers line up in an orderly formation, as an efficient and coordinated unit.

''Once upon a time, there was a competent man who knew that he had to learn to lead other people.''

The notion of leadership

Inherently, we are all born leaders with a talent for leadership, albeit some are endowed with reater talent than others. However, in the socialization process of childhood, our leadership talent often others, and our personal leadership is often disrupted.

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Some manage to maintain a positive aura and a high degree of vitality ŧhroughout life. Some cultivate their talent and learn to provide leadership that generates satisfaction and inspiration. Others are placed in a leadership position solely based on their professional qualifications.

Good leadership requires personal insight, maturity and an understanding of human nature, qualities that cannot be acquired through formal education but are developed through focused personal development, keen sensory attention, empathy, strategic skills and visionary and inspiring execution.


The young king in the illustration has observed his father leading others ŧhroughout his life and has no doubt that he knows how that works. He learns an important lesson, however, as soon as he issues his first order.

Even though the young king is a good soldier, he soon realizes that he needs to learn to lead other people.

Over the years, the king undergoes personal development with help from the old king, the wise wizard and the mature queen mother. He develops his strategic, spiritual and human qualities and eventually learns to become a good leader who makes the right things happen at the right time and provides a good and inspiring structure.

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