The noblewoman notices that her fiancé is talking to the pretty princess. They are enjoying themselves, and the noblewoman does not like what she is seeing. Her stomach is tied in a knot, and she is deeply unhappy. When she begins to cry, the princess and the nobleman look at her, confused.

''Once upon a time, there was a jealous woman who came into contact with her own low self-esteem.''

The notion of jealousy

Alongside sexuality, jealousy is one of the most powerful and intense human emotions. When we are jealous, we come into contact with our low self-esteem in every regard. Our self-esteem, sense of being loved, sexuality, sense of security, trust, everyday life, outlook and worldview are all brought into play, swirl around inside us and are manifested as pain. We become insecure and have an extreme need for reclaiming our sense of security. To a large extent, the degree of uncertainty and the intensity of jealousy depend on our level of self-esteem and on the extent of those aspects of ourselves that feel unloved.

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