Throughout his life, from his youth and into his old age, the king is inspired by art and culture and attains insight through inspiration and reflection.

"Once upon a time, there was an interested man who gained insight through openness and reflection."

The notion of insight

Knowledge or understanding attained through studies, experiences or thinking.

In its most sublime form, Executive Presence is the highest level of human impact, presence and achievement.

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Our capacity for driving transformation is directly proportional to our level of human insight and willingness to invest ourselves on a personal level. It also depends on specific insight and skills, based on Character, Substance and Style. In a confidence-driven world where we are rewarded for performance and achievement, we often notice and remember the visible, tangible accomplishments: the manifestations, the buildings, the products, the music, the artworks, the spirit and the ideas represented by names such as Bohr, Utzon, Coca-Cola, Beatles, Picasso and Kierkegaard.

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