Three noblewomen are talking. The young noblewoman is making snide comments about the princess to the two others. One of the other noblewomen takes over. She takes the comments to a new level, embellishing the story about the princess to include threats of murder and arson. When she sees how frightened the two other women get she regrets taking it too far but does not say anything to clear it up.

"Once upon a time, there was a dissatisfied woman who covered up an important part of herself by gossiping about others."

The notion of gossip

Rumours and gossip come in many different forms, from superficial, entertaining tabloid sensationalism to vicious slander with the potential to ruin people’s lives. When we encounter gossip, whether we only hear it or take active part in spreading it, it is important to be aware of our responsibility in relation to the stories we contribute or lend an ear to.

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