The prince is lying in bed with his princess. He shares a fantasy with about what they might do on the beach. He strokes her as he describes his fantasy. This inspires her to share a fantasy of her own.

"Once upon a time, there was a princess who learned to articulate her fantasies."

The notion of fantasies

Here is another topic you probably did not learn much about growing up. It can have a profoundly positive influence on your life if you learn to articulate and express your fantasies, including, not least, your sexual fantasies.

What do you fantasize about? What do you dream of? What are your sexual fantasies? What would be the most intensely sexually arousing experience for you? What holds you back from talking about it or sharing your fantasy with your partner while you are having sex? Imagine for a moment that you can articulate and share your sexual fantasies with your partner, freely and without inhibition. How do you think that would affect your relationship and your sexual experience? How would it affect your mutual connection? Your daily life together?

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