A young man reaches out to a mature woman in order to learn about the art of love. She teaches him about the importance of romance, poetry, music, insight and the art of seduction.

"Once upon a time, there was an experienced woman who was a fount of knowledge."

The notion of experience

Experience is knowledge or skills acquired through practice or studies.

Events and experiences that leave an impression are part of our overall experience and help us understand and navigate in life. Positive experiences help us in a relationship, while negative ones are part of our baggage and may have an adverse impact on our life together. Bad experiences generate a particular kind of sensitivity, a form of stress that prevents us from being exactly who we were before the negative experience. Positive experiences can make us think that our partner is more capable or interested or has more to offer than is actually the case. Both types of experiences can thus disturb our contact with the other. Either internally or in the relationship. These examples once again underscore the importance of the contact between you. It is important to show genuine interest in our partner as well as in ourselves. That gives both of us a better understanding of who we are with, and we avoid basing our shared life on an illusion.

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