The queen consults the wizard repeatedly to gain learning. She has difficulty fully embracing the king as he is. She tells the wizard about a surprise party the king had organized for her. The wizard helps her see that she cannot change others, only herself. She needs to learn to accept and embrace others. He helps her understand that her personal background is making it difficult for her to embrace the king. She works on the issue, gains insight and finds happiness. She kisses the king, as the wizard looks on.

"Once upon a time, there was a woman who developed her ability to embrace and accept herself and others."

The notion of embracing yourself and your partner

As human beings, we have an ability to understand, accept and embrace a diverse range of attitudes. This capacity is greater when we thrive and have a positive outlook. It is easier to embrace diversity, in any sense of the word, in a context characterized by love, empathy, insight and vitality. In a loving relationship, this capacity goes – and should go – beyond mere acceptance. We need to be able to embrace ourselves and the other’s personality, qualities, needs, desires, past and dreams. The loving relationship generates the capacity to embrace yourself and your partner based on respect, recognition, self-esteem, confidence, positivity, love and appreciation of your mutual differences. ‘I find it difficult to embrace the way you …’ Try to complete that sentence and other, similar ones from your own relationship. How does the failure to embrace yourself and each other affect your loving relationship? And your sexuality? There are two sides to every coin: the one who has trouble embracing the other and the one who needs to be embraced.

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