A nobleman pushes a woman aside. Two other women hang on his coattails as he walks on, determined. He meets an equally uncompromising woman and falls in love with her. The beautiful woman had two other men follow her but pushed past them. Just before encountering the two hopeful suitors, she rejected a handsome man.

''Once upon a time, there was an uncompromising man and an uncompromising woman, who had come together precisely due to this shared inclination.''

The notion of compromise

If we want a good life, we need to avoid compromise as much as possible. Every time we compromise on something that is important to us, we cut part of ourselves off. If we make do or fail to follow through in a conflict until we find a solution that is completely satisfactory, we lose part of ourselves – something that our satisfaction depends upon.

Thus, if we have to engage in a compromise it is crucial to be thorough. We need to reach inside to check whether the compromise feels right. With the right arguments and persuasion, we will be to rationalize just about any solution, but to work properly, a compromise has to feel right on every level. 

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