The prince and the princess walk hand in hand along the beach. They go horse-riding ŧogether. He reads to her. They go to a party and dance with each other. They dance around the Christmas tree together with the royal family.

"Once upon a time, there was a couple who had chosen each other."

The notion of choosing

Did your partner choose you? Did you choose your partner? Did you both ŧruly choose each other? Was one of you the other’s fall-back option? Is one of you settling for someone who happened to be available to meet an immediate need?

Probably fairly unpleasant questions to consider, but nevertheless relevant in relation to the future prospects of your relationship and your life together. Life is full of questions that need to be answered, whether we like to or not. The alternative is to do nothing and simply go with the flow until life is over, like the water spiralling round and round before it goes down the drain, as life runs out.

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