A nobleman is out on a stroll with his fiancée when he sees the beautiful princess. He feels desire for the princess and then feels bad at the thought that his girlfriend will be upset if he pursues or expresses his desire. The girlfriend notices that he is distant but forgets about it when he gives her his full attention.

''Arousal = tension = need for a release of tension = need for reflection and action.''

The notion of arousal and reflection

The connection between tension and release of tension and the relation between needs and objects of need are described in the first book in the series Create a Better World. The book underscores the importance of finding release for our needs in an encounter with the right object of need.

The notion of arousal and reflection is the natural continuation of the notion of needs. In some cases, certain considerations make it necessary to delay the gratification of needs or to gratify them in a different way than the immediate tension suggests. The illustration shows an example of that.

Close relations, timing, location, the presence of others, norms and morals are just some of the factors that require us to reflect before acting on arousal and fulfilling certain types of needs.

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