The wizard’s apprentice is helping his girlfriend become who she really is. In the mirror, he lets her see herself from different angles to help her get to know herself better, and he shows her love.

"Once upon a time, there was an alienated woman who reclaimed herself."

The notion of alienation

If we are detached from ourselves and our desires, we become alienated. If we sexually identify with what others expect of us, we become alienated. If we turn ourselves into what others say we are, we become alienated. If we do not understand and accept our sex drive as being natural, we become alienated. If we are unable to describe our feelings, desires and dreams, we become strangers to ourselves. When we become strangers to ourselves, we further erode our already low self-esteem, since we would never become strangers to ourselves if our self-esteem and thus our self-love were high. When we are strangers to ourselves, anxiety comes sneaking up on us. Anxiety is always linked with desire. Everything we fear we also desire, and vice versa, as described in the first Create a Better World book.

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